Creative Services

Nice Forest composition

Media that stands out

“Cameron’s Photoshop abilities allowed me to make several unconventional cosmetic modifications to guitars I was selling. I would not have had the confidence to make the drastic changes until I saw his Photoshop mock-ups. Some of the guitars were photographed in bad lighting conditions and at awkward angles, but this did not affect Cameron’s work at all. They still looked entirely realistic.”

Photo Enhancement

Do your images pop? 

Amateur photography tells a far more compelling story than stock photography does. But it doesn’t need to be amateur.

Let me apply over 7 years of freelance experience (starting at £1.90 per edit) to your photography.

Bridgeton Station.jpg

Copywriting and Content Creation

Are you struggling to produce content?

I’ve been writing professionally for over 4 years, have a degree and experience in Journalism, a certification in Communication with Media, and I’m trained in writing copy for the web. I can also develop bespoke visual solutions. The Professional Copywriters Network suggests freelancers charge between £30-100 per hour. My rate is £20 per hour.

Take a break and I’ll craft your content for you.

Flexible Services

Need something not listed here? Get in touch and we’ll see how I can help.


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