Digital Comms Consultancy

Digital Communications Strategy £900

We engage in a consultation where we review your digital communications processes, and what opportunities you haven’t taken advantage of yet.

Get a Digital Communications Strategy and implementation support.

Potential Reach Assessment
How many man-hours do you have available for your communications functions?
What skills do your staff have?
How large is your budget for online advertising?
Who are you trying to reach?
These questions will define the limitations of your strategy.

Growth strategy
The means and messages to reach the right people. Reach more people with your digital strategy by making the most of new opportunities and resources. Use my guide to make sure people understand and engage with you across different platforms.

What about the strategy do you like?
What don’t you like?
What do you think is missing?

Document Distillation
You are sent a living document connecting your deepest goals to your truest supporters.
This is yours to keep and update as your strategy starts to deliver.

Implementation Support
I will guide you in adopting your new strategy, and be available to aid you.


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