Forester Media

Creative & strategic services to help you grow digitally

Photo Enhancement

Do your images pop? 

Amateur photography tells a far more compelling story than stock photography does. But it doesn’t need to be amateur.

Let me apply over 7 years of freelance experience (for just £1.90 per edit) to your photography.


Social-media Support 

Is your social-media stale?

You probably already know that over 1 third of web referral traffic comes from social media. But did you know that neglected social-media accounts are harmful to your brand?

For £10 per post, I can drive traffic to your site by optimising and publish your content across multiple relevant social-media channels. Other social-media management services billed at £20 per hour.

Stop feeling guilty about your neglected social-media and let me help.


Copywriting and Content Creation

Are you struggling to produce content?

I’ve been writing professionally for over 4 years, have a degree and experience in Journalism, a certification in Communication with Media, and I’m trained in writing copy for the web. I can also develop bespoke visual solutions. The Professional Copywriters Network suggests freelancers charge between £30-100 per hour. My rate is £20 per hour.

Take a break and I’ll craft your content for you.


Social-media Strategy

Want to run your own social media but not sure how?  🤔

I have three years of strategic digital-communications experience and training from the Directory for Social Change. Once we have identified your strategic objectives I will spend one working week writing your comprehensive Social-media Strategy.

Let’s talk about what you’re trying to achieve with social media.


Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re a small or medium enterprise we can review and write your Digital Marketing Strategy to help you get the best return on your investments.

I’m an experienced digital strategy writer with Directory for Social Change training and a Google certification.

After a fortnight of communication and consultation, we’ll write you a living digital strategy will be rooted in your aims, abilities, and objectives.